Cordless Airbrush Kit with Compressor, Rechargeable Battery

TLDR - I like it. :+1:

I forget who first posted about this set up but it sounded like a good idea for me to spray more smelly paints outside as I currently only use Tamiya or Vallejo inside. As my workshop is being renovated this seemed like a good idea to try this out.

Here is the plan, to paint my GPA tires with Vallejo dark rubber. I usually do this step first then the hubs but I got a little help with painting the body. Anyway I used my Dspiae circle cutter to cut the tape.

Here is everything together.

I walked outside on my back porch. This is was the current conditions.

Didn’t change any settings on the airbrush (mac valve) and my paint was like 6 drop airbrush thinner, 1 drop retarder and while I had put the paint on a shaker 2 blobs mixed in the airbrush cup and then a few more drops of thinner. I had the compressor in my short pocket.

The result was good enough for me.

So the idea is sound for my purposes I just to make a portable airbrush toolbox with airbrush holder as I have for my modeling tools to make the transition easier as I kept going back materials and items to clean afterwards.