MiniArt 1:35 M3 Lee Mid Production build

Good day fellow paint sniffers,
As I said in some other topics, I am currently building the MiniArt M3 Lee Mid Production full interior kit.
It is with one of the interior components that I am having problems finding information about.
I looked through all books I have and searched online, but without getting any wiser.
What is it, and maybe more important: what are the colours?
It is a device which sits on the port side of the tank, next to the driver, in the sponson, below an ammo rack.
It might be a radio, but I have not been able to confirm this, let alone find an image of the device.?
Maybe any of you have more information?

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Looks like some sort of comms boxes if not the radios themselves.


I agree with Johnny. I will try to find my Doyle book later today and let you know what I can find.


Thanks @Johnnych01, nice find.
I hope you can find something @Tank_1812 Ryan…


That looks to be a version of the SCR-508 radio.


Nice one! This is really helpful…!!! :fireworks:


Yep, it’s the SCR-508 radio in the kit. The set in the photo:

is the British radio, I think its a MK 9.


Changed the title of the topic, so I can put all my build complaints, issues and general muttering in here…

My next complaint is not so much with the kit itself, but that there is still a lack of suitable figs (I got the MiniArt ones, but for a full complement there are 2 lacking) which forces me to close up the engine bay, as there generally would be no reason to leave it open, unless some kind of maintenance was going on? A pity to close it…

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