Miniart 35245 US Soldiers (RAINWEAR)

Did these actually get released or have they gone the way of the lesser spotted unicorn…? Really like the poses and have a raft of ideas I’d love to try.

I haven’t seen them yet. The boxart looks good though. With different weapons and maybe some new boots and helmets, they will represent almost any era, WWII - Modern, US soldiers (esp. the guys in ponchos). I know I will get a few sets.


Cheers Gino, I’d seen it in a couple of their catalogues and thought maybe I’d missed them as a short run, but when I checked their webpage and it shows zilch… So hopefully maybe this year… Gonna have a couple whenever.

One of my regular online vendors had them available on Pre-order, so I’m hoping they know something us mere mortals don’t. :thinking: