MiniArt 35412 M3 Stuart Early Prod. | Armorama™

New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1:35 scale #35412 M3 Stuart Early Prod.

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I like the markings on this one. :+1::+1:

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Love it!!! especially the free french one!

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it’s feeling like a late release after Tamiya produced a new version a year or two ago.

Tamiya did a late production version and I believe that was a M3A1. I admit I get lost in the sauce with Stuart’s but this is a different version. All the Miniart releases to date have been different versions from the Tamiya kit and some with or without interiors.


Apples and oranges. Tamiya produced a shake and bake kit with low details of one version only. Miniart will offer a complex and difficult full interiour kit of every Stuart version known to man. By this logic Tamiya was already late to the party because Academy has a nice Stuart kit since the early 2000s, which I personaly love.


@Tank_1812 i get lost with all the stuart types as well, which why i probably got wrong, or the lack of sleep from flting back from Spain and finding out KLM decided not to put my bag on the plane but i wasn’t the only one.

@Naseby i have the academt/airfix kit as well as an afv club one but i am not sure which version, possibly an M5?


Good thing it was the return trip vs the outgoing trip.

It’s all good. I am sure some will add the Stuart to the list of not another Sherman, Tiger etc but I like them so keep them coming Miniart. :+1:

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I love Stuarts. A fun little tank. I wouldn’t want to be in one in combat, hell no, but it’s a fun little tank. I’ve got the Initial with interior Miniart kit and I’m looking forward to lots more from Miniart.

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