MiniArt 35467 GERMAN ELITE GUN CREW | Armorama™

New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1:35 scale #35467 German Elite Gun Crew

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What makes them an elite crew vs an average crew?

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It’s a polite way of saying “SS”; note the lack of insignia on the box art…



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I’m happy to see this coming as a separate set. I want both this and the wehrmacht crew for the Pak, but I don’t want two guns.

I noticed the suspension detail inside the helmet!

Except that you can see the SS-style national eagle on the left sleeve of the two figures in the front; the Heer had a different style of eagle worn on the right breast above the blouse pocket. And the SS camouflage uniforms generally didn’t have the shoulder and collar insignia, but rather, when worn, the bar-and-oak leaves embroidered sleeve insignia approved for camouflage uniforms. In photographs where you can see officers in camouflage blouse with ‘normal’ collar patches, it appears to be an oversize camouflage blouse worn over a regular uniform blouse.

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