MiniArt 38079 3t CARGO TRUCK 3,6-36S. PRITSCHE-NORMAL-TYPE | Armorama™

New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1:35 scale #38079 3t CARGO TRUCK 3,6-36S. PRITSCHE-NORMAL-TYPE

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I will ask cautiousely…given the track record of Miniart and what they did with the Ford AA…are we going to get a RADIO truck later ?

You could kit bash with Italeri’s kit…

Just release the decals…we’ve got tons of Opel Blitz’s around the hobby.

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And yet ANOTHER hobby manyfacture steps forward to offer the venerable Blitz truck and yet no one but the resin people offer a 4x4.

MiniArt did the Mercedes truck in both 2x4 and 4x4 so perhaps an alrad truck is in our future

There is a Plus Model 4x4 conversion set that also includes tires/wheel for about $35, not bad when you also get resin wheels.

Plus Model 1/35 Chassis Conversion for Kfz.305 Opel Blitz 4x4 WWII (#156)

I am fairly certain that they will squeeze as much as possible out of these molds.

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Thank you Gino, yes I have been aware of the resin conversion set for a number of years now.

However #1, it IS resin. Also, #2 for years Plus Models offered this ONLY as a full vehicle kit of the Blitz ambulance and only recently (2-3 years ago) started offering it as just the 4x4 conversion parts.

I will admit that price is great considering what you get in the conversion. Now if Plus Models stuff was just not so dang hard to find, the company so hard to deal with and that they only do periodic limited reruns of certain kits so items are often sold out and/or order lead times (delays) can run into months or years.

As to squeezing more out of the molds. Italeri offered the Blitz but never the 4x4. Tamiya offeres the Blitz but never the 4x4 and now MiniArt ???

The problem being (IMHO) there are so many significant differences especially regarding the cab and suspension in doing the 4x4 that it really requires entirely new model tooling rather than just a conversion of the existing molds.

I will say this, if anyone is going to maxinize the use of the molds by offering variants it will be MiniArt.

I bought the PlusModel 4x4 conversion back in October 2018.
Getting close on 6 years now, time does fly …

SuperHobby claims they added it to their catalog back in 2007 …

Not sure if their statement is correct.

Someone reviewed it at ModellBauKönig in January 2017:

The date and timestamp is set by the shop SW and it can’t be reviewed before it has entered the shop catalogue.

A French customer was disappointed in July 2017:

165thspc posted about converting the Opel Blitz to 4x4 on the old Armorama site back in May 2016:

This archived topic contains very useful pictures and information provided by Mr Koenig.

PlusModels 244 was/is the 4x4 conversion for the Mercedes L3000 but I think the conversion sets were essentially the same.

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Thank you Robin for linking in all those (my) past posts on the subject. Yes I chose to take a more laborious (but cheaper) course of action (and more fun) by rolling the Italeri Blitz model into my Chop-Shop and converting the 2x4 kit myself.

Opel Blitz 4x4 with Trailer

Chassis modifications using parts from Italeri Chevy CMP truck.
(Hey, before the war it was the same parent company - GMC!)

135092-10 Parts donor kit.

Ambulance (Current work in progress)

I must applaud MiniArt as their new rendition of the 2x4 looks to be outstanding!

Hopefully MA will bless us by following in Italeri’s footsteps with the many variants just as Italeri did: Cargo, Radio truck, Mule, Coal Gas Truck, Fuel truck and the Enheits cab.

To that list I would add; the Ambulance, Curbside cargo, Flak truck, Fire truck (many variants) the T-stoff V2 service fuel truck, (a.k.a. Lead Warrior)

Also I would suggest this little beauty:

One more link from the archives:

Opel Blitz Walk-Around and Model Reference:

Sample Photos from the Link: © Mike Koenig

The civilian pattern tires are OUTSTANDING!

Oooh, nice, Mniart includes two versions of the cowl, a very early one with the vent flap and the most usual one without. Very nice touch and ready for SCW vehicles.

There was a small error I pointed to the brand when first cads were released and seems they cared for it looking at the sprues, even if I assured them nobody would ever find it :wink:

Can’t say how much they can squezze the present moulds to bring out the whole 1937-44 Brandenburg family as some sprues and parts look promising for later models but these kits would need nevertheless extra moulds (not speaking of the L701 and Allrad derivatives).

All in all a nice kit I will pick for sure!

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