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New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1/35 #35398 7.5cm PaK40 AMMO Boxes With Shells Set 1

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Well. I was an ammo collector and now only collector for boxes and I don’t need a caliper to say what is wrong.
The heads have a problem : both the Panzer Granate and the Spreng Granate.
The PzGr has a too short body and the cap is too long. Oh I see they probably did the very very rare PzGr40 !!!
The SprGr has exagerated slim body.
I don’t blame MiniArt this just actual fashion…
The inner box lid has its piece of wood with arch: too exagerated.
Now the colors : you will hardly find a brass case ( because never say never, but I’ve never seen one ) and the driving band was not red copper but some steel alloy. This is the meaning of the FES marking ( if we have it with the decals ).
All boxes are the same, there is a version with no hinges and locks : the lid is maintained by 2 wood keys.
The Pak36 (r) converted to ammo alike the Pak40 have roughly the same ammo ( 1/35 ! ) and boxes. Only visible difference is the marking which is Patr 7.62cm PaK 36 on lid.

I will buy anyway, though I made a stock of AFV Club whose main issue is the handle bars integrated to the box body !

caisse bois 7,5cm PaK40 muni

Courage to Ukraine !