MiniArt German 7.5cm Anti-Tank Gun Pak 40. Early Prod | Armorama™

New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1/35 #35394 German 7.5cm Anti-Tank Gun Pak 40. Early Prod

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Nice! Hopefully they will do the 5cm AT gun, and the 45mm Soviet AT gun. Just sayin’…

WOW ~ I never knew the Germans applied the “third wheel” to the PAK 40. I really appreciate MiniArt showing us this. Kudos!

The PAK 38 was already a real bear to relocate using the third wheel. (Personal experience) But then again our guys at the reenactment were not exactly a bunch of young bucks in fighting trim.

p.s. I really appreciate all the many photos MiniArt has provided of this new model.

Has not the 5cm AT gun already been done, and done rather well by Dragon?

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On the one hand I might ask “do we really need yet another PAK 40?”

However this offering from MiniArt would appear to be the “best of the lot!”

Ive had mine for two weeks now. It’s very nice but the Pak 40 from AFV Club is still the nicest and if you go to K59 and get the upgrade you’ll have the best Pak 40 to be had! I wonder if K59 will update their instructions to allow you to use it with the MiniArt kit. Currently you can get a K59 upgrade for AFV, Tamiya and Dragon. You can order from the upgrade from Peter Kwock who designs, masters and reproduces the master by going to his website k59 production

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