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New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1/35 #35376 German Tank Riders Set 1

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looks like a well detailed set with some nice kit as well.

They are clearly from “HJ” (12SS) if the box art is anything to go by with those uniforms, so may not be for everyone. I’m sure Jerry Rutman can do something with these!

and they look 16 or 17 :grin:

I was thinking the other day we don’t have many figures for Panzer Grenadiers riding on the back of tanks. These are most welcome. They look superb as well. Miniart, take my money!

It’s called Set 1, which means there’ll be a sequel :partying_face:

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Sorry if this is off topic but this set reminded me of something from my long lost youth. When I was in college I had a history professor who spoke with a German accent. He was a good prof., good lecturer, and had some terrific insights on the subject matter. He taught mostly modern European stuff and a course on Hitler and Nazi Germany. As a history major I took just about all his courses. Rumor had it that he was Hitler youth and was a machinegunner. When I did my senior exit interview with the department chair I asked about the rumor. And while he did not come flat out and say yes it was true he answered something along the lines of “what are the political convictions of a 16 year old.”

Given the fact that they enlisted over 7 milion people, one would have to be disabled as not to be drafted into the army

@Armorsmith what school did you attend?


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@Armorsmith no kidding, i went to citadel and one of my friends told me and another Tac officer confirmed that we had a history teacher who would teach in the 80s. Story goes that he’d teach summer classes and walk by the cadets and say, ja ja the eastern front is very cold in the winter, you better do good or you’ll end up there. Apparently he had served in the SS as an ethnic German from i believe Romania.

Nicely detailed, with a good range of uniforms represented. Looking forward to seeing the next set!

And whack some of these “cheeky young” heads on them….

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lol … they do indeed look like cheeky young carefree chaps … some great expressions on those mugs

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The top three look so good … like, the lights are on, but no ones home lol

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I know Johnny, as soon as you mentioned the age I thought of these guys….Dennis has some cracking expressions in his head sets.

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They are very good

Ask and you shall receive.


These look great - i’ll deffo be having these.

Now my pea dot cam is improving … I may get in on them as well … they look good