Miniart Grant mk1

This one has been on the bench for ages and I have been very slowly picking away at it. It is the first Miniart model I have done and so far has given few problems for such a deatailed kit. I was really dreading the tracks but thanks to a great build log here from 2019 which details the assembly process even they have gone together well, though making up a jig is essential. The clean up of all the components is tedious but with some good tunes and a beer and limiting how many you do at a time isn’t too bad.


That is some excellent construction and painting on a complicated kit. Well done!


That’s an impressive build!

The track jig is very trick! :clap:

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All of your interior paint and details look good


37mm turret is now done and the two half’s joined, a wee bit of filling sanding still to do. The hydraulic lines had me swearing a lot! Why do we do this? Is it because someone else has posted beautifully constructed soldered detailing and the competive instinct tells me to at least match this…
Anyway you can hardly see anything inside the thing. Guess it’s the challenge.
Think the end is now in sight and the exterior painting can start soon.

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Very nice,painting is outstanding

Excellent work so far!

I was gonna ask how the build went but I see in your first post you mentioned it went ok. I’m very curious because I haven’t built a Miniart kit yet and have heard both good and bad things about them. Good to know. Again excellent job and can’t wait to see it finished.

Thanks for the reply’s. A landmark has been reached with getting the tracks on, still to do some paintwork on the tracks and running gear and then mask it all off and start painting on the topside.


That pre shade will look nice

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Tracks look great! Realistically consistent

Thanks for reply’s. Some paint progress, the light stone went on fine but the green camo looked way too dark once on the tank, lightened up a bit and went over it again, better but still not sure. One of those situations when you stop and walk away, and then come back and look again and again! Am sure it will be fine after third camo colour and some weathering.


I think it looks fine except for a missed spot on the driver periscope?.

After weathering it will look even better