Miniart LGOC Type B Lorry

Making a start on this …

This will be a OOB build . My last two efforts involved considerable scratch building so taking a break from that aspect- I may attempt some coal bags out of epoxy putty as a load .

Built up the chassis on the glass plate . Fit is very good and the plastic is much better than the D7 from years ago .

Posts may be a bit spotty as I am working on restoration of some marine half models for a client -
paying jobs get the nod .

Cheers- RT


I’m watching…


Built the London bus version of this about 3 years ago. It was a very enjoyable build. Lots of small parts but it went together well. Will be watching with interest.



Definitely following this one RT, looking forward to updates!

Cheers, D


So the love/hate relationship with Miniart goes
on …
I’m not bashing them - on the contrary they are incredibly detailed and go together well considering the high number of delicate parts.
But I have come to the conclusion that you need to be in the right mood - at least for certain phases.
If the mojo is low come back to it another time , which is what I am doing.

Chassis, engine, gearbox and radiator mostly
done . What you see here is just shy of one hundred pieces. The radiator alone is twelve pieces in plastic and four in photo etch.
Still trying to map out the painting sequence.
More to come …


Some more progress…

Engine , gearbox and radiator built and painted-
Chassis shot with two coats red brown , Dullcoat and hairspray for chipping.

Chassis shot in NATO Black and highlights in IJN Gray.
Cab and bed built and primed.
Wheels built, primed and tires done in IJN gray/ brown mix .


Lookin’ good, Richard!


@RDT1953 :smile: :sweat: Yes! the challenge of Miniart kits - I recently built one of their 1.5 ton 4x4 trucks. I’m glad to report that it all went together as intended, but, man, no coffee for me anywhere near the assembly! Yours is looking great!


Thanks for the kind words gents !
Chassis largely done - hand crank yet to install and engine wiring if I’m up to it. The kit includes tiny photo etch spark plug caps that need to be rolled into shape - we’ll see.

Cab and bed parts have been painted in a sooty grey as an under color for wood tone ,then a coat of Dullcoat , hairspray and then yellow.

Thanks for looking! RT


Nice job

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Bed in paint - chipping done via hairspray method -


Big body parts installed - Miniart decals are superb
( in this kit at least) - Thin , strong , opaque. Absolute minimum of clear carrier film. Responded well to Microset/Microsol. They settled in beautifully.
Truly looks painted on. Well done Miniart.

Now on to hood , fenders . Haven’t made up my mind yet on attempting ignition wires .
Exploring ways to make coal sacks .
Thanks for looking !


Looking great Richard!


Here is a shot of the underside -

I’ve begun the base - a section of cobblestone street .

A piece of 1x4 Red Oak sealed with a few coats satin poly and temporary curb of 1/8 balsa held on with double sided tape…

Durham’s Water Putty mixed to pourable consistency and poured to top of curb .

After pour has firmed up a bit top stippled with a cut down cheap chip brush to texture it.

Cobblestone courses laid out in pencil and scribed in with # 11 blade and straightedge after hardening .

Bond laid out in pencil and scribed in with # 11 blade freehand.

Scribing after hardening works beautifully to create a natural chipping .

Still experimenting with ways to make coal sacks -
More on that later .

Thanks for looking !

Cheers RT


Great progress Richard, I’m enjoying your build & I totally agree with your earlier love/hate comments about MiniArt. I like everything about them & their (often unusual) range…except, it would seem (typically with the kits I buy) that they don’t test-build their products before release. I cite the quad-mg assembly on their Gaz truck as a particularly egregious example, I’m still in therapy 7 years on…

I’m surprised they didn’t supply relevant cargo for the Type B (?) – if so, doubtless they’ll release a set just after you’ve scratched your own. Maybe you’ve already looked, but this partial image (for discussion purposes only) might help…


The sacks look way large/heavy for carrying, maybe they used trolleys. Looks like a bunch of empties at the back. To replicate them resin’s one solution, another might be paper-towel grade sheets soaked in PVA (to prevent tearing) then cut to a sack template, folded/glued & filled with sand or whatever? With some pre-scrunching the creases could look OK.


Typical coal delivery trolley

Loading the trolley

" The coal sack was standardized as an imperial hundredweight of 112 avoirdupois pounds, approximately 51 kilograms."

Royal Navy large sack
“The large sack was defined as 224 pounds.”

I believe the sacks are stacked in two layers in that photo
A “modern” coal lorry with two “trolleys”


from Fields of Glory (ex-MK35 figure)



Those sacks were big. It’s the reason you didn’t pick a fight with the guys that delivered coal or indeed blocks of ice (for old-time ice-boxes) - they had biceps that even Popeye would envy!


Here is the cobblestone street section in paint .

Coal sacks underway. I wound up sculpting them in epoxy putty. I tried gift wrap tissue but they just crumbled . I next tried making actual sacks with epoxy putty but again no success.
Each sack was formed from a solid lump with the top hollowed out . In hindsight I should have worked all this out before painting the bed . For fear of damage to the paint work I made a wood fixture to the inside dimensions of the bed to fit the sculpted bags to . The fixture was lined with tape and given a coat of paste wax as a release agent .

Roping details added to sacks…

One sack will be an oopsie - spilling out onto bed floor.
I will add side seams to the sacks where needed with epoxy putty.

Thanks for looking !
Cheers RT


I’m absolutely loving this project mate, super work!

Cheers, D