MiniArt M3 Lee (Mid Prod) instruction issue

Hi fellows in Stryrene,

I am busy building the MiniArt M3 Lee (Mid Production) and while building the enginge I come across the following:

When inserting the engine, the exhausts are on top of the engine. That is how I have build it.
Next drawing: the engines are at the bottom? How? Did anyone of you build this kit and how did this work out? What is correct?

I think the illustrator copied the drawing from the Grant Mk. I kit. On that kit, the exhaust is on the bottom. It looks like the Lee has it on the top.

Thanks Gary! Most subsequent drawings are from the Grant then, from 30 to 40 and then some afterwards. I hope the part numbering in the faulty drawings is correct, as quite a lot are with the incorrect exhaust config. They really botched this one!!!

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Actually, on both kits, it looks like the exhausts end hanging in mid-air. I’m just looking on Scalemates. I have the Grant kit buried away in a box in my stash.

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Well, I dug both kits out. Of course, they were in a box on the bottom of a stack of boxes.

It looks like the exhausts attach to a muffler. It looks like the Mid-Production has a high connection so exhausts on top is correct. Both the Grant Mk. I and the M3 Lee Early Production that I have, have the muffler connection low in the rear plate.

Now I have to put everything back.


Thank you so much for your help… I really appreciate it…

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