Miniart M3 Lee Mid Production 35209 Build Blog

Hello all,

Here is the Miniart M3 Lee Mid production 35209 which has always been a favourite.

So much so I ended up getting 2 of these M3 LEE kits.

The urge was too much that I had to get in and build the LEE, after step 9 I am having concerns as to why did I start this kit.

It was a break from the Panzer 38T’s which is like the Famo, a war and peace trilogy.
Here is where I am up to now on the 38t’s.
By the way I ended up getting another Hobbyboss 38T with interior and added it to the group.

The box art sold me on this kit, it looked great.

Mind boggling contents when the lid comes off.

The progress made on step 9.
This is not a shake and bake kit like the wonderful Tamiya kits but I must say a big observation is the amount of connection points on the interior components is incredible. They are well secured in place and need utmost care when removing from the sprue and cleaning the tags off the parts.

What is still in the box after step 9.
It doesn’t even look like I have made a dent in the box contents, there is so much. Perfect

The joys of model building.



You have your money’s worth! Good start

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Thanks Dan.



Here are some images of the progress so far.
The main aim was to build and paint the radial engine and have the engine ready to drop in place once the interior is painted.

The interior is laid out in the sub sections for ease of painting and detailing.

Once the interior is painted and detailed the side of the hull and roof sections will be glued in place.
The 75mm gun mount and radial engine took up most of the weekend to get together. It was well worth the time as they come up a treat.

One of the stand out things with this kit was the under guard detail. Miniart excelled in the fine details.

Including attention to rivet and bolt head detail inside and outside of the hull. The rivet heads are very prominent. More so than the Takom, Academy and Tamiya M3 Lees.

One huge error is with the instructions. It led me to go back to the reference material on hand to check why the radial exhausts had not matched up.
Here is the finished instructions

Then moving further into the instructions you see this

Thinking what the hell :angry: :scream:
Then after reviewing references and checking the colour art in the books the M3 is correct. They placed the wrong exhaust pictorial in the instruction booklet.

The good thing Miniart does do is it provides the option to make a later variant.
The exhaust pipes above are in there for the later variant.

The plans also show a different photo etch screen.

The photoetch screen in the kit is correct as below.

It took foreever to find the exhausts in the instructions and I found them.

Ensure you use the LG11 rear engine plate because there are 2 in the kit. The second one is for the later style of exhausts.

That’s all for now till the next time.



Nice progress with the M3 – the inside sure looks complex but nicely detailed. will much be on show ?
Ref the 38T’s - were they part of the epic build with 2 million figures and horses … if so, hows that going … still a slow WIP ??

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Thanks Johnnych01

Yes all hatches on the LEE will be open plus a lot of interior shots before closing up.

Yes it’s a slow WIP
The 38T’S have the stowage to be painted.
Figures are painted and still working on them.

The problem is the foam diorama base is going to be 1300mm x 450mm and I have nowhere to store the dio.

Have the trees , ground scatter and everything is ready but cannot start due to space issues.

In between this build and the 38t diorama have managed to get this beast partway done.
The AFV Club M54 is also on the backburner.



Love the guys in the back catching some zzzzzzzz’s … but that has yet more figures … you Sir are a sucker for self induced punishment :rofl:

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Thanks Johnnych01

I am :laughing:


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Back again with the next installment of images of work.
Note: The tracks are painfull to get together. Very time consuming but the best part is they are movable.
All the parts are in sub sections now ready for painting and weathering.