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New MiniArt kit is coming out soon, 1/35 #37083 NVA T-55A

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finnaly a DDR T55

I wonder how many different T-55’s Miniart can come up with :smiley:
There is still a bunch of engineering and other variants for the chassis …

Well, pretty much any god forsaken country that did not and does not identify as western had them… so they can go on for quite a while still.

While I am a fan of the T-55 I don’t really know much about the DDR production model. That said none of the 4 color/marking options are all that exciting.

The differences are more or less down on the “nerd”-level, almost comparable to the differences in locations and appearance for casting numbers on Shermans.

Guess I’ll not be accused of being a nerd then. At least with regards to the details of the T-55A.

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DDR T-55’s came from Czechoslovakian or Polish production plants.

This one looks to be the Polish(Bumar Labedy) version- it has the Spares and Accesoires Box mounted horizontaly on the left side of the turret.

A typical DDR feature, that was present on all NVA tanks(NVA here stands for Nationale Volksarmee, not for North Vietnamese Army) , are the railroad transport chockes, placed above the exhaust.

Edit: On the other hand- I doubt the RMSh tracks, visible in the boxart, were commonly available for DDR T-55’s in the 1960’s.The Soviet Union had a vast T-55’s fleet, that needed the new tracks, and NSWP had lower priority.


I would love a new enigma, the tamiya had some problem