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New MiniArt kit is coming out soon, 1/35 #35339 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. J Nibelungenwerk. MID PROD. SEP-NOV 1944 INTERIOR KIT

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That’s a tempting spicy tamale if there ever was one.

Must not buy until the other 34 Panzer IV’s in Stash are built.



The leading authority on Panzer 4 interiors right now appears to be David Parker. He maintains a Facebook page about building Trumpeter’s Pz.IV model, where you will find discussions about all versions of the tank.

If I understand that page correctly, there is no consensus about the full equipment layout inside the Ausf.J. There are open questions about where certain things would go, and what was the complete equipment list.

So now here’s Miniart claiming that they know it all? They have more information than people who have been inside actual Panzer IV?

I would like to ask them how they achieved this, but for some reason I am not allowed to post on their Facebook page.


Oh yay yet another panzer…lol

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I’ve read the review and may be tempted. I do have two questions though. 1) Some of the painting guides show the tank with Thoma schurtzen and some completely without, so how widespread was the actual fitment? 2) Most, including the box art, show a sort of factory applied “ambush scheme”. Once again, how widespread was this?

Miniart don’t seem to have released images of the interior yet.
But there is another kit of theirs, " Nibelungenwerk Late Prod. Ausf.J" which might be the same inside. Or they might have corrected it - because the older kit needs correcting.

Problems that I can see (and I don’t even know the Pz.4 all that well)

1 - The “Z” intercom is on the wall by the radio operator. Shouldn’t be there. Not even used in the Ausf.J. The correct “20” intercom box IS provided on the radio rack, however.
2 - Hull roof has no trace of the two locking mechanisms for the turret that should be on it.
3 - This one is amazing : the manual traverse machinery is completely missing! Gunner’s side. Nothing there but a little gear wheel. What makes it go around?
4 - .Backup battery is provided in the turret. The Ausf.J did not have one.
5 - Commander’s seat is undersized.
6 - Turret junction box is in the wrong place (for a J)
7 - The large junction box for the turret motor is provided. Didn’t exist in the J.

In summary, the kit 35342 builds an Ausf.J with pretty much an Ausf.G interior. Miniart did not seem to know what makes a J on the inside.

It remains to be seen if all those corrections will be made for the new kit.


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@DByrden David, thank you for the summary. Sounds like Mini-Art makes a nice Pz IV G :slight_smile:

That just help save me a fair amount of cash :money_with_wings: very much appreciated!