MiniArt Russian T55A mod 1981

Another recently finished T55A. Only replaced the kit barrel on this on. Kit came with workable indy links very similar in construction to Model Kasten but not quite as fragile. Custom mixed Tamiya colors AB freehand. According to the kit instructions this scheme came out of a Russian manual and is for summer. Liked the contrast in colors so I went with it.

Thanks for looking.


Another very nice build.

Yes, great model.
I don’t see any signs of weathering, but the model doesn’t give the impression of being “clean”. So did you do it or not?

Very nice model, and indeed a very nice color scheme!

Very good looking T-55 ! And this camo scheme has been used by the Soviets before the end of the cold war ? Probably in Aghanistan ?

That is a beautiful camo scheme you’ve gone with- gives it a great bit of visual interest and I think the restrained weathering suits the colors too.

Very nice job DV. Really like that cam scheme… Do much better than the usual flat greens … Great work :+1:

Very impressive!!! The camouflage really makes it stand out. :+1: :+1:

The weathering is restrained, just some dusting nothing too heavy. There is some streaking on the turret and glacis but also restrained.

Thanks guys always nice to get feedback.

Miniart T55 are really great models and you really gave it a good painting job.
I loves it, thanks for sharring.

Nice model.

fantastic paint job, a very refreshing change from the normal dull green.

well done indeed

Nicely done!