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New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1/35 #35371 Tempo E400 Hochlader Pritsche. German 3-Wheel Delivery Truck

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Oh definitely a Trager for a Werfer. And a Fliegerfaust in the Front for JaBo Abwehr ,)

Would love to see some AM decals for civil versions. This cute little “truck” wasn’t intend for military use. As for the decals from the kit I would go for the Junkers version.

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In case someone wants to do something different:
Whan gas/petrol was unobtainium for civilian use …


What kind of wheels are those?

Haven’t got the foggiest idea …

Edit: Did some Google-Fu
It appears that the Tempo was also produced by Framo
and they used rims with holes in them, they also made a four-wheel
truck which used these wheels,
Link to a pdf-file, German text but the images do not suffer from language restrictions:

Maybe the idea was used with a Tempo with solid disk wheels as well,
nobody knows …

Sachsen ended up in the GDR.

This image is sort of cute:

AH stands for A-merican zone, city H-essen

Edit: see correction below …

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Small correction Hessen is a federal state, not a city.

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