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New MiniArt kit is coming out soon, 1/35 #35380 U.S. Army G7107 4x4 1,5t Cargo Truck

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We’ll soon see how it compares to the forthcoming Chevy from ICM…



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OOOPS ! Post edited… (I had 1 letter right out of 3 :grin: )


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In my experience Miniart’s fit is infinitely better than ICM’s. I’ll definitely be buying the Miniart kit.

It’s a Once and a Half!

I’m on board for both the ICM and MiniArt kits. Having high hopes that other US trucks might see the light of day.

Oh yeah! I hope they do a Ford 6 too.

Lovely indeed. But now, I have to compete with finding space for kit storage, hoping for continued support from an understanding wife, and being 67 years old (knowing I’ll never get to build the 200 kits in the stash), and an unlimited spending budget.


Before this announcement these things weren’t true?

These things were always true…just can’t build faster than the new releases and aftermarket. :grin:

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I’ll get ICM’s. At least their’s won’t have 10,000 parts and be ridiculously over - engineered with photo - etch.

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Working on this kit right how - just a heads up here.

While the kit does have AMAZING detail . . . .

They don’t tell you on the box that they expect you to build up the front grill out PE etch with the help of several provided bending forms.
I really think they should have offered a molded plastic option as well. I would have reconsidered buying this kit had I known.

I will be substituting an AM laser cut version of the grill I have in my stash.

Also the leaf springs are so much to scale, so finely done, that you just might break them during assembly. The to-scale delicate quality is not necessarily a bad thing but you need to use an all new level of caution in this area throughout the construction AND display life of the model.

And have you ever heard of a model that has individually applied “U” shaped, stirrup bolts that hold the axles to the springs??? And the front axle has three different length bolts so brother you had better get it right!


OK I might be cursing MiniArt on some things about this model but the chassis is almost finished and things are looking mighty good.

The simplest thing to say is “this is definitely not your Grandfather’s Tamiya!”

And I admit i am looking forward to getting my hands on one of the MiniArt panel vans!

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ICM provides the grille as an injection moulded part.

I have plenty of grills in the spares box and somewhere around here I have the laser cut grills.

I WILL try my hand at the PE grill that MiniArt offers but I am not very hopeful.

See it as a personal challenge :grin:

That entire chassis has to be taken on as a bit of a personal challenge!

So anybody happen to have any reference on one of these trucks maybe having been bomb damaged and turned into a single axle trailer???

I am going to have the entire rear cargo body left over and as I say I have plenty of leftover Italeri chassis parts and even a few Tamiya Deuce wheels/tires laying around to build a motor pool trailer out of?

Again I would ask WHY do two different companies have to come out with the exact same model at the same time? Don’t these people ever talk to each other? Don’t they do corporate esponage on each other?

Well the MiniArt cab certainly earns my “seal” (ark, ark, ark)

of approval!

Also, if you don’t know how a real Chevy truck is put together “under the skin,” you will once you build this one!

I thought perhaps I might be getting a bit too deep into this vehicle as a build thread so I started oa thread of its’ own over in the “WWII Allied” section.

Here is the link: