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New MiniArt kit is coming out soon, 1/35 #35245 U.S. Soldiers Rainwear

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Nice timing of this release, now that autumn is coming …


Can’t believe it took somebody this long to make GI’s with ponchos, but this is a very welcome release! Congratulations Miniart!

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Finally. They were originally announced in '17. These are most welcomed though. They are very useful, especially the guys in ponchos. With different weapons, boots, and maybe helmets, they can be any era US Soldiers. I will be getting a couple sets.


I asked them about it earlier this month and this was the response:

Thank you for contacting us.

We appreciate interest in our product!
MiniArt kit - 35245 U.S. Soldiers (Rainwear) planed to be released in beginning of 2022.
As soon as we have new information it will be published on our Website, Social Media pages and Email Newsletter.

For us it is important to stay in contact with Modelers.
Have a nice day!

Best regards,
Ben Mirson.
Customer Service MiniArt

Maybe demand will bring it sooner.


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I have memories of wearing a poncho in Quantico) TBS. I got to get this set.

Love them but would love to see some in early war gaiters/ parsons jackets/ summer shirts for Normandy/ HBT’s/ seems to be more late war US which is good but…….hasn’t been much since the old Dragon releases.

Welcome aboard!!

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Gino, I was thinking the same things you were, possibly Vietnam war era troops.


Exactly; just to ring the changes a bit when displaying figures with my AFVs/SSVs, modified legs/ boots, perhaps a Hornet Head or 2, M14s, say, M16s even. Great work Miniart.


Remind me a bit of the figures in the Korea Memorial in Washington DC.


I think even in a fictional Star Wars dio, too. A wet, dense vegetation planet where the rebels are fightning against the Empire…


Sure. For SciFi, anything goes. Not my area though.

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Oh yes please. I’ll be having one of these for sure. As Brian mentioned change out the heads and weapons and it can be just about anytime /anywhere you want.

True, but some of them will be very good for the more depressing versions of Post-Apocalypse (e,g… STALKER and not the under-dressed fetishistic “Mad Max” style).



comes with 5 sprues from their US weapons set- :+1: