Minicraft 1/72 B-24D

Looks like you dealt with them well.

It looks about typical of a kit of its day. Minicraft tooled it to be multi version, so by switching out some parts they could do the D, J and H. Problems like those are always going to come up. I’ve got a couple of J’s to do. Thanks for the heads up on the nose wheel, I’ll be sure to reinforce that.

We desperately need a new, and importantly affordable, new tool B-24 in 1/72. I had hopes that Airfix would if they followed their trend of new tooled bombers. But given they made no new kit announcements at Telford, and their Facebook stream is currently asking followers what old kits they want to see reissued (some of the suggestions are ludicrous. Along with the genuine suggestions many keep asking for a 1/24 Vulcan and they’re not joking about it!), it’s becoming increasingly unlikely. They’ll probably reissue their old dog with a £25 price tag!

Our only real hope is Revell.

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Vulcan? Why not a 1/16 Graf Zeppelin!!! I don’t put much faith in Revell after the Lancaster and B-17F fiascoes! My new mold Revell Lanc ended up in the circular file, the B-17F I refuse to buy. Still holding out for an Airfix one. John

Strange, I hadn’t heard anything bad about either of Revell’s? I’ve got Revell’s Dambuster and the Airfix B.II waiting in the wings and I find Revell’s the much nicer looking kit. Much sharper than Airfix’s mushy details and overdone panel lines. But that of course is based on just me looking at the sprues.
Is there an issue with the fit or shape or something?

What concerns me with Airfix at the moment is the sheer amount of silly mistakes they’re making. Mostly caused by a reliance on 3D scanning museum exhibits and not checking with blueprints or other references. The Phantom had missing details on the intakes, and the recent Mosquito had Post-War target tug mounts moulded on the bomb doors. Detracts from what are otherwise and easy to build kits.

This may help you out.
After failing with Revell’s Lancaster I bougfht an old 80s Airfix Lanc and it turned out great! The 800 series from Airfix seems to me to have the best “look”. Revell needs the wing dihedral fixed, wheels are too big and odd looking and the turrets look just off. Also the engines shape is “wonky” and odd for a poor choice of words. I just couldn’t get Revell’s landing gear right, may have had a worn out kit. I noticed Revell kits seem to get lots of flash, noticed that with their Airbus A320 kits. John

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware of any issues with it.
I’ll probably build it and see how it looks.