MiniCraft UK Rotary Tool - good source to order from in the UK or USA?

Apologies for another tool question.

I’ve searched Google can’t find a US source for MiniCraft UK Rotary Tools or a good UK source. Is there a good source to order from in the USA or UK?

I have a MiniCraft drill & transformer that I’m delighted with and want to get a back drill. The only two sources I found were in the UK. One was out of stock and the other required WorldPay exclusively. WorldPay didn’t seem all that secure from what I read.

I appreciate any suggestions and insight. Thank you.

I just bought a new rotary hand piece not too long ago. Not the one you are looking for.
A quick Google search:

I didn’t get mine on eBay, but ordered directly from the US distributor.

Have to add, I looked at the listing to see where it ships from. Same vendor I bought mine from.
It’s a great tool!