Minisoldiers Pacific

OK Chaps, saved the best for last.
A little bit of history here for me. I’ve wanted to do a piece like this for quite a while now, even to the extent of converting some Airfix multipose figures. Never quite worked out just how I wanted it though. Then I came across this set from Minisoldiers. Perfect! Bit expensive (for me - Tight Yorkshireman!) but, what a set! I’ve had to wait a bit to get this done due to the hand issue. Had it sat there on the bench just teasing me every day for the last few months…Hope I’ve done it justice. You decide…







That’s a great job there Lazarus! Really like the whole scene. Great job on the ground work too

Nice! The figures look really nice and the scene is just amazing. You did a great job on the jungle. Wow!

My only nitpick is the skull… not sure about it, somehow feels like it doesn’t belong here.


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BTW, what kind of plants did you use? Paper, PE, or something from your backyard?


Thanks Gents, the vegetation is mostly Green Line with a few aquarium plants from Diodump. The paper ones needed to be burnished and shaped to get the right look. Groundwork is AK mud, mixed with a bit of plaster to get th right texture. Jungle ground cover and forest ground cover , also from Diodump. Bamboo made from different thicknesses of styrene rod, cut into sections, then glued back together. Lots of gloss varnish and a few drops ok AK puddles and there we are! The skull? Been waiting years to use that one. Look a bit closer and you’ll see a bullet hole in the temple… maybe it’ll stay, maybe not?