Minor Detailing Add for the Tamiya Dragon Wagon

We are all used to seeing the small “Tire Crane” as displayed assembled on the back of the M26 Dragon Wagon Tractor and also the Recovery version.

Does anyone else realize there are at least four more positions located on the trailer for displaying this item?

Dragon Wagon 002


While this small crane was certainly necessary for dismounting the heavy spare tire from the tractor, it could also be deployed at any of four stations on the trailer if need be to re-mount a replacement spare.

Photos from the TM courtesy of Mike Powell at “Easy 1 Productions.”

The tire crane was definitely necessary if changing one of the inner rear trailer tires.


Tamiya has used these other four locations to mask their using four screws to better hold the trailer chassis together. However if you securely glue (Epoxy) and then clamp the trailer frames together till dry these metal screws become unnecessary.

Then slightly drill out the screw threads in the trailer (easily done) to match the mounting hole diameter up in the winch assembly and these four locations now become available to mount the tire crane.

On the tractor.

On the goose neck.

That is my post-war M199 2-axle trailer dolly supporting the front of the trailer. I wanted my M26 recovery vehicle, with fully erected recovery frame is still be able to pull the trailer, hence the dolly.

On the rear.

Note the addition of the small “stop pin” to the end of the crane arm.


Just a suggestion here for a simple modification ~ an FYI.

One more shot of my post-war M199 trailer dolly:


No….no I didn’t. Thank you for all the information. If I get around to the kit, hopefully I will remember this thread.


Just thought i would share something of possiible interest to the group.