Mirage IIIR in a very low level flight.........Academy 1/48

Hi guys!!

My latest work is a 1/48 scale Mirage IIIR from Academy. It is a
kit-veteran from 1985 and the injection mold is originally from Fujimi.
Relatively easy to build. Surface details are okay, otherwise everything is kept simple.
I upgraded the cockpit with a pilot, an ejection seat and a few etched parts.
Painted with colours from Gunze (Mr Hobby). I applied the camouflage scheme freehand with an airbrush gun.
Weathering by washing with diluted oil Paints.
All is sealed with a mat clear coat.

The display is simply a wooden board, which has been glazed and sealed with clear boat varnish.
There is a graphic on it that I have assigned “motion blur” in an image processing program.

That’s all… :nerd_face:

Stefan :sunglasses:


Looks very nice Stefan, the cam has been done very well and appears seamless and blends together perfectly. The base is very good and the faked motion shot of the runway is a great addition and gives a genuine feel for movement … great work :+1:


Simply brilliant! A fine example how an old kit can be the center of a simple, yet splendid diorama. Das hast du wirklich toll gemacht!

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That’s beautiful work Stefan!
Lovely paint job and a real sense of speed.

Might have to try something like this myself one day.

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Very well done ! Thanks for posting.

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@BigZimmo I’ve always been a Mirage-fan and I think you really capture the spirit with this one! It doesn’t always have to be the latest super-kits to deliver a pleasing result, I really love the feel of this one!



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Hi mates!!!

Thanks for your comments. I’m very pleased that you like my “Mirage in motion”… :blush:

Magnus, as a fan of old kits, I agree with you that you don’t always need the latest high-end kit to build a beautiful model.
As I said…oldies but goldies!!!

Have a good time and stay healthy, mates!!!


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We need a tutorial on how you did the runway. I would love to do a runway like that with aircraft either landing or taking off.

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Hi Greg!!!
Creating the graphic was really very easy.
In the image processing program “Gimp” I simply inserted the filter “Motion blur” into the graphic.
I just had to set the direction and intensity beforehand.
Then I had the graphic professionally printed on photo paper.
The “motion blur” filter is also available in other image editing programs such as “Photoshop”, “Corel Draw” etc.
Here are a few screenshots, but unfortunately everything is in German. But I hope, it still helps a little?!


For anyone that doesn’t have the software to do this, I can likely do something similar in python, if you show me the image you want

Ha! I was imagining you were developing a new technique using an airbrush. It is a great idea.Thanks.