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New figures of Greek Special Forces in Africa, WW2

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Wow very interesting subject matter. I didn’t know the Greeks fought in North Africa. May have to check these out. The CAD images look very nice.

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According to good old Wiki:

Always like learning something new!

Jeez, how is it so difficult to get British '37 pattern webbing right? There’s enough of the stuff around, even today. There’s also enough re-enactment groups with websites etc.

Desert Trooper No 3: Pouches suspended in mid-air when they should be attached to the belt. God knows what the strap/buckle combination is attached to the water bottle, but let’s be charitable and consider a locally made lash-up.

Proportions and details look a little off, but may well pan out in 1:35 just fine.

I’m sure I sound like a broken record when it comes to this sort of stuff, but it’s really should be easy enough to check.