Mirror Finish - Anyone Tried It?


Yeah but it keeps cracking as soon as I look at it. Glad you asked the question, I’d like to know too. For AFV mirrors etc. I usually use a piece of shiny-side alummmm foil.

I’d like to know if anyone has done an F35C with the mirror panels, and if so, did they use Alclad or foil? I’d love to see this aircraft done up that way. If no one has, I might need to give it a go.

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The problem with foil is there’s an obvious ridge round the edges, I don’t think that would “fly” on the F35C. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky or not diligent enough but I never found a paint that gave a sufficiently convincing finish, even the Molotov chrome pen didn’t really cut it. Hopefully someone has discovered a more recent product that does the job.

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I seem to recall a video about the pen. The guy decided the pen was the problem, decanted the liquid chrome, and used an airbrush. You might try that.

For the most part a F-35C kit has had limited dance partners in any scale for folks to choose from. A and B are easier to find a kits.

I would use mylar.

I assume you have seen this mirror paint review?

Spaz-stix seems to be the winner

I’ve used Spaz Stix before, and found that depending on the subject it can be brighter than BMF Ultra Bright Chrome.

Only drawback is needing to spray the gloss black base for the Spaz Stix.

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Apparently the Hyperchrome over a gloss black surface from SMS comes very close

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