how do you suggest to paint a mirror on a ww2 german truck? silver?

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You can research the aftermarket items for the kit on Scalemates. Many kits have mirror you can apply.
You can get ultra thin silver mylar and cut them out, for practically nothing.
Looks just as good as the Molotov pen.


Bare Metal Foil also works pretty well.


What @18bravo said. You can buy silver (and colored for viewports) mylar streamers at the dollar store for…wait for it…a dollar! You will get a lifetime supply of mirror material.

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I use Molotov chrome pens…

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Around here I am claiming false advertisement at the Dollar Store, Dollar General, Dollar Tree. The base price now is $1.25. they need to change the names! :crazy_face:

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I use inside of the chocolate foil. Snickers or something. Excellent effect

Actually it’s the mini ones - like the Crackle and dark chocolate. They have the inner foil and the outer paper sleeve.