Missing Images

Hello Admin,
I’m noticing that images are not loading when I open the following topic in Apple Safari iPadOS and iOS (all latest software versions). Note: I am able to view the images in Google Chrome:

‘Space Shuttle Launch Complex 39A with Challenger STS-6 (1:144)’


I’m getting similar issues using Firefox for PC and Firefox for Android on different networks, and the images will load if I click/long-press on them and select ‘open image in new tab’, so it’s not a connectivity issue. Like you, I’m getting image loading (if sometimes very laggy) in Google Chrome.

I am not having any issues using Chrome. but issues such as this need Jim to look into.

I wonder if the ‘imagizer’ part of the image link could have something to do with it?

He created image links that were not secure. HTTP vs. HTTPS. Google, Apple, and the rest are getting very picky about what they show on a secure page. So if you are on a secure HTTPS site, all the embedded images need to also come from secure locations.

I updated the URLs to https and the images then showed up on my iPhone.

Mystery solved.


Posts edited from http: to https:

The images are visible now. Thank’s! :star_struck:


Uh-oh. I spoke too soon. Images are not loading again.


They aren’t missing. They are there and showing up for me. They are just uploaded as ‘http’ URL images and not ‘https’. This is a phone/iOS thing so maybe if you are frustrated with stuff like this (and I don’t blame you) try using another browser or look for a setting that will stop this from happening.

Or ask Spaceman to make sure he is on a secure version of a site before copying his links.

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Thank’s Jim,
I was on my computer this time (macOS). I’m not frustrated at all, just thought I’d let you know what was going on. I’m aware of the work-arounds, but I’m not going to cease using Safari (my preferred browser) just for one forum poster.


Someone, no names mentioned, has been doing a lot of editing,
adding an ‘s’ after a sh*tload of http in a lot of posts.
I think that person was goofing off yesterday so there are some posts with missing s-es

Edit: I just noticed that the last posts have been edited so it appears that the unknown benefactor is back doing community services again. I wonder what he did to get himself convicted to community service? Pushed a little old lady off the sidewalk?


There is something I don’t understand here.
If I view Spacemans post in the forum I get a blank rectangle instead of the image.
If I right click and select 'Copy image link" and paste the link into another tab on
my browser it shows up.