Missing parts in 1/16 ABER Panther track links pin set

Hi all,
I tried a search for this but came up nil.
I purchased 2 sets of these track pins (16170B). They are for the Trumpeter 1/16 Panther kits.
The set contains 176 turned aluminum pins,176 collars and a small spool of wire to replicate the retaining pins.
I started printing my own track links about a month ago and decided last week to start assembling some. Both sets are exactly 40 collars short. I have a third set on the way that should be here this week. I suspect it will be short as well.
I’ve contacted both stores that I purchased the sets from. M&M Models and BNA model world.
They have both reached out and are currently trying to help resolve the issue. I’ve sent several emails to ABER, called them and tried to message them via Facebook with zero success.
There is a member in a build page on Facebook who counted his parts after reading my post and is exactly 40 pieces of the same part missing.
Has anyone else purchased these and came up short on parts?
Thanks, Pat