Mission Master UGV build log

After doing a review of Mission Master UGV from 3D Microcosmos for Armorama (link), I was really surprised how cool the vehicle looks and wanted to do a full build/paint log. The kit features 3D printed parts, clear lenses and decals… Nice!

This is how the assembled model looks:

I thought it would be fun to do something like this. The photo was taken on vehicle trials in Sweden:

I base coated the vehicle using Mr Surfacer Black 1500, and continued with AK Real Colors. It was the first time I used AK Real Colors and was really pleased with how they behave. Here’s a coat of Dark Sea Blue:

I wanted to do some postshading and came up with this:

The gloss coat followed. The decals are pretty thick and just didn’t look good when I applied them. So I ended up not using the decals at all, which is a shame as they provide that unique touch to the vehicle. Oh well…

The wash turned out OK, although Tamiya Panel line is a bit aggressive for my taste. I tried several options for the front vision block, here it is with anti-laser sticker applied. Eventually I went with chrome base and clear blue paint instead.

Next up was the winch which was a seriously masochistic masking process.

I finished up the launcher using AK SCC14 Blue Black, again postshaded to get a bit of color variation. The lenses are installed as well. This is how the model looks at the moment.

The wheels are painted and about to be installed. The model will be covered in pine branches as per the photo above, so I’m not sure how much of the paint job would be visible. I will be making a snow groundwork to represent the winter conditions.

Anyway, my thoughts on the kit so far… The biggest letdown are the decals. The Rheinmetall and Thales logos look cool on the dark-colored vehicle, but I just couldn’t make the thick decals behave. I was even thinking of making the decals myself, but then decided it would be too much of a hassle finding a decal manufacturer who would be interested in printing a sheet of white decals just for a single model.

The second thing I wish was done differently is the launcher assembly. OK, I managed to revamp the launcher to rotate by trimming the stub on the vehicle hull, but there is no way to change the elevation of the launcher ramp… which means the only option (if you’re not eager to scratchbuild the ramp) is a completely horizontal position of the launcher tubes.

Other than that, the model was a joy to assemble and paint. Looking forward to the base.



Wow that is a really cool vehicle! Great job on it too.

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Fantastic looking vehicle Mario-you’ve really brought out the best in the kit. Various little details like the winch and the lenses are very realistic too.

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Interesting build and very well executed. Not often one see models of UGVs

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Really good looking, Mario!

I was interested in acquiring this UGV myself, but opted to save my money on another kit.

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Just a question:
In the picture of the real vehicle, there’s a contraption below the perforated steps and the Rheinmetall logo that looks like a winch to me, with vertical rope guide rollers - is it really?

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Thanks guys, I’m glad you like the model.

It is. For some reason that particular vehicle didn’t have a winch on the front, but on the back instead.


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Very cool!

Here is some progress. I managed to get new decals printed… they turned out great!

Here’s the model and the base is starting to take shape:

Some more work on the base:

I never did snow before, so this is quite a new thing for me:

I’m going to tweak the groundwork a bit, but basically this is it. Now some more snow on the wheels and then getting the branches on to the model.



I started doing the pine branches to drape over the vehicle… Painted one of them, not the easiest thing to do. Not sure if this is the way to go, though.

Painted branch on top.



I think that will look pretty good- the snow has certainly added a nice effect- quite realistic the way you’ve done it too.

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Not sure what happened to the images I posted before… anyway, here they are again:



Looks great Mario. :+1::+1:

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Looks stellar, Mario. The printed decals really add to the kit.

A shame that the branches did not work out. Why is that? They looked fine to me.

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Looks excellent Mario. Black / dark grey is hard to paint but you’ve achieved it wonderfully. Nice setting too.