Mitches Military Models: 101st Airborne, 1944 | Armorama™

Presenting an upcoming kit from Mitches Military Models -- a 1/6 scale bust of a WWII paratrooper from the "Screaming Eagles".

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Wow. Incredibly life like facial detail. The detail on the grenade pull ring is outstanding. On the cammo net you can even see the woven texture. Then we get to the unit patch. WTF? And the M1911? Those serrations come from a more modern version, and why is the grip so stubby? There should be flat head screws on the grips as well.
It’s as if Carroll Shelby sculpted most of the figure, then left that other bits to Edsel Ford.
Those two glaring mistakes take this from a potential eleven out of ten to about a seven.

I agree, that .45 looks awful. Maybe the picture is distorted.

I thought that very briefly (about the shortened grip) but then looking at all of the photos, it is just way too short.
Here’s the standard grip length on mine. Also note the distance between the more modern hex cap screws - not used back then. Also, the serrations on my slide are far wider than a stock M1911A1. Plus the serrations on the Government M1911A1 are vertical, not angled. Hell, they even got the angle wrong, although I’m sure there is someone out there producing slides with the serrations angled the other way:

This is what they should have given us:

I can’t even address that patch issue again. Voof!

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