Mitsubishi Ki-21-Ib Sally Planned | AeroScale

ICM is to release a 1:72 scale Mitsubishi Ki-21-Ib Sally and they have kindly provided renders

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Another one I wish could be upscaled to 1/32. I can only build so many Zeroes.

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Must be scaling down their 1/48 Sally due out any day now …

Oh, I see how it is. They can scale them down but not up?

Are they scalists? Why are we 1/32 guys always left out of the fun? A relatively niche group within a niche group demands answers!

I agree. I remember decades ago that 1/32 was the norm in model aircraft.

When was it the norm for twin-engine bombers?! 1/48, maybe. And builders of larger scales should be grateful ICM is making a quarter scale Sally, too!

That’s a major reason I build 1/72 - availability of kits of aircraft as big as B-52s & B-36s!

I am absolutely thrilled ICM is making a 1/72 Sally, in two versions no less! I don’t understand why Hasegawa never filled this major gap, and I won’t have to pay a ridiculous price for the slightly undersized 1970s Revell kit with its oddly shaped wingtips, or for the MPM kit that I think carries over some of its problems.