Mixing yellow and blue Green Stuff

Hi everyone,

I have started experimenting with Green Stuff to make tarpaulins. No matter how and how long I knead it the yellow part seems to form lumps that do not “melt” and are visible when I try to roll a thin sheet. (Besides I have blisters on my thumbs after mixing about three times the size of a cherry.)

How do you guys knead and roll Green Stuff homogeneously? Just tiny bits of yellow and blue part at a time and add the mixed green parts to one another?

Am I missing something?

Because I have the “ribbon” type of Green Stuff (i.e. the yellow and blue parts come together rolled up) I did cut out the part where the yellow and blue parts meet but it still doesn’t seem to mix homogeneously.

Any help is appreciated.

May I suggest wearing disposable gloves when handling epoxy putty? They can help protect the skin from the harsh chemicals typically found in epoxy putties.

No experience with Green, can’t advise on it really.

I have utilized Green Stuff to make zimmeritt, and I had the same problem.
I suppose that this is due to the hardening of the yellow stuff in prolonged contact with the blue one in the package. Try to remove a thin layer of yellow from the boundary line before mixing the components, and maybe remove also a bit of the opposite side that was in prolonged contact with air.

Interestingly, on my third attempt I did remove both the boundary (where the yellow and blue parts meet) and even the opposite side of the yellow strip - in vain.
I don’t understand. In some videos, it seems so easy to mix Green Stuff.

Thank you for the reply. At least now I know that I’m not the only one experincing this.

I use green stuff. The same type as you i.e. yellow and blue strips joined. I just trim off the required amount and twist together and the knead until all green.

I’ve not to date experienced the same issues as yourself. I do however tend to use it for very minor gaps, or making welding beads. For bigger gaps etc I tend to use other fillers whether two part epoxies, such a milliput or other types depending on need.

I’ve often wondered how it doesn’t harden in the packet as the two parts are attached. I wonder if two part epoxies have a shelf life as even milliput seems to harden a bit over time even though each part is wrapped separately.

I doubt you doing anything wrong. Maybe I’m lucky and have a recent batch and yours was just sitting on shelf in shop for longer before purchase?

VMS paper shaper is a different method I’ve successfully used to make tarps. A possible alternative if you continue to have no luck with putties.

You can keep Green Stuff in an air proof container (jar) in the freezer for extended shelf life. I cut it into small sections that I can warm to room temp and use when needed.

When Apoxy Sculpt “white part” hardens, I just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it.

Thank you for the tips.

I also wondered whether the Green Stuff I used may have been a bit old. I have purchased it recently but I cannot know how old it actually is.

I do have Milliput but I have never heard of VMS paper shaper - I’ll check it out.

It’s a totally different method of achieving the same aim, i.e. tarps and rags. Both are good but may be worth a try. Below video is how to use. You can just paint straight after the paper shaping stages and get good results, the extra steps just add refinement.