MK Resin model question

Im looking to add some trailers to future builds and I wonder if anyone has built MK’s M1112 water tanker.

I’d also be happy to hear any views on Y-Modelle’s generator trailer.

Have built a y model FH70, on here somewhere, not bad, instructions very basic, and test fit and look twice,

MMK Completely Different , I have done 3 of there’s, very fragile is an understatement, for most parts,
were you want thinnest parts for weight loss seems to have treble the thicknesses,
2 x supacats one with trailer, and a Iveco panther,
re-enforce where you can hidden or change for plastcard parts
Sorry no pictures packed up for moving

Thanks Frank, maybe I’ll leave MMK for later then. YM sound a bit more straightforward and im not looking for overly-complicated hobbying.

Appreciate your advice.