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Remember models by Aurora Plastics Corporation? Recall they went away in the mid-1970s, and Monogram bought them? Ever wonder why many kits were not...

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Well written and very informative :clap:
Thank you for the time and details presented in the article.

Aurora had a large kit of CV-65, the USS Enterprise in 1/400
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Were the Aurora molds used for the Monogram kit?
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Does the Revell-Monogram (Revell-a-Gram) kiy of CV-65, the USS Enterprise in 1/400 trace back to the Aurora kit?
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Anyway in the mid 1970’s, I thought that Aurora 1/400 CV-65, USS Enterprise kit was the most incredible model kit ever. Many good memories of that kit. My kit was missing the square box part that’s white for the super structure. Wrote Aurora asking for replacement and almost a year later after, I’d given up hope - the replacement part arrived. Always had a soft spot for Aurora afterwards.