Model Masters Alternatives?

I currently have three ships in the stash that call for Testors Model Masters Light Ghost Gray (FS36375); however, this isn’t available anymore (thank you, Rust-oleum). I’m looking for an alternative in a rattle can as I do not have an airbrush at this time. I’ve seen that Tamiya offers Light Ghost Gray in a spray can (AS-26), but it looks kind of blue to me, much like their Haze Gray TS-32 looks a little green. Any ideas?


Amazon - LIGHT-GHOST-36375-Enamel-Bottle

Eight bottles available so it would require airbrush or brushing.

No time like the present to pick up an inexpensive airbrush and start :slight_smile: It will allow wider color selection and customization. Over the time it will also be less expensive than a constant stream of rattle cans.

Thanks, Wade. I have been considering purchasing an airbrush. I guess I just have to bite the bullet & do it.


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If you go on the right sale week, you can get an Iwata Eclipse gravity-fed for about $90 or so I believe.

That’s not a bad price. Guess I’ll have to eventually break down & get an airbrush setup.