Model Military International Magazine Still Around?

Hi, Guys.

Can anyone tell me if Model Military International magazine is still being published? It APPEARS to be available, mostly electronically. I want paper copies because I’m an old fart, and I am in the U.S. Barnes & Noble used to carry it, but not for a while now. Anyone know for sure?


Definitely still being published. Available at my local Chapters (Canadian version of B&N) and also direct from the publisher. I just ordered some missing issues direct and 9 magazines (3 each of Tamiya Mag, Model Military and Military Illustrated) ended up costly slightly less for each with shipping and took about 3 weeks.

Thanks, Jon! I’ll keep looking. I guess, like everything else, they are having distribution problems. Hope it gets straightened out. I really enjoy that mag.


I get mine thru Amazon; they offer it as a subscription and I don’t believe I’ve had any that were late or missing.

I know Barnes and Noble often only carries very few copies…3-4 copies per month…so they may be “Sold Out” by the time you check.

You can ask the bookstore cashier to reserve you a copy, but I’ve seen it at Barnes and Noble consistently when they’re available. Or try Amazon.

Thanks, Trisaw. Our B&N seems like it is one step away from closing, so that may be part of it. But I asked at the desk, and the woman said they can’t request mags, they just put out what’s sent. What kind of crap is that?
I will say I have been checking since before Dec., and there is no Tamiya mag or Airplane mag, either, which is why I thought they may have gone under.
And Lee, I did see it on amazon, but I like to flip through an issue before I buy. Those days may be over. Sigh.
Thanks for your responses!

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