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We live in the information age. So when you do a search for the term 'model' what do you get? Not the scale model kits you were looking for an probably some images that are not safe for work.

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I was sent to San Francisco (fro Sweden) for some telecom conference.
A colleague asked if I had checked out the town during the spare days (cheaper flight if I spent more days so company and I had a win-win situation, they paid for the hotel and I took two vacation days).
Anyhow, I told her that I had checked out some model shops.
The strange looks she gave me …

Hmmm. “Kit”.

My first dozen results were first-aid, followed by a flood of football uniforms.

I got a Tesla as nr 13, something at least …

“model kit” is the way to go

When I have to Google a model I specify brand, item number and ‘super hobby’ since they usually have images of sprues and the instruction sheet.
Like this:

I use it when checking what kind of tracks that are provided in the kit

That’s like the reaction I get when I tell people that I attend modeling shows or conventions.

Then I’ll say military models,like tanks,ships,and planes.Then they sound disappointed.


I read a post somewhere written by a model builder who used to shop in the cosmetics department (sanding sticks, nail polish remover, various coloured powders, nail varnish and maybe other stuff).
He got strange looks from the ladies (gay guy shopping???) until he told them it was for his models, then many of them wanted to talk about being a model …
Disappointed ladies …


I guess a “plastic model” would have been interpreted as a bias against cosmetic surgery?


My first purchase from Lucky Model was blocked by my credit card company as a questionable purchase-they thought someone had my card number and was doing some inappropriate shopping in Asia. It took some time to explain and get it cleared. I have learned that I have to type in “scale plastic model kit” whenever do a search just to be safe.


I’d like to buy some J’s model work silicon molds. Seems that Lucky Model has them in stock but none of the US stockists do. How was your experience with Lucky Model, after the difficult with your CC company?

Never had a problem since. Just had to let the CC company know it was a legitimate hobby business and not an adult industry.