Model Paints - paints conversion, matching and mixing tool for iOS

Match paints for your models in real time from database, by photo from your library or by camera. Search and match similar paints from tens of thousands paints &mix their

A database of paints from most of the manufacturers designed for modellers (more than 17000 paints).

Model Paints simplifies scale model builder work by providing a set of easy to use and comprehensive tools. With Model Paints you can:

  • Browse paint charts from colour standards and model kit paint manufacturers;
  • Matching paints from whole database or your favourite paints only;
  • Matching from selected photo from you library;
  • Online matching from camera;
  • Get detailed information about paint;
  • Scale calculation;
  • Paint matching for a manually specified color
  • Search for paints by barcode
  • Paints lists support
  • Lightening result can depends scale
  • Getting new colors when blending paints

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Welcome aboard Valentin. Interesting app.

Thank you! I would be happy to answer any question

I currently use iModelKit light free app for the paint matches and mixing. A friend mentioned Model Color to help with paint color inventory. Where would this app fit in that space?

This app does all that and more. Screen below

What does Paints Lists do?

Sounds like I can store my own paint mix or shopping list for paints to get. I don’t see where I can store all the paints I have to not buy more duplicates?

you can place paints in one or more lists. For example, you can create “My own paints” list and store your own paints there. One paint can store in several lists.

Lists use also for mixing stored there paints.

@kuliba Valentin

Couple of questions, if one has all the say Floquil RailRoad Colors on hand, the application can provide a mix formula to match a specific shade of say Panzer Gray?

Is there an Android version?

I work on this feature at this moment. And only for iOS.

My wish list is a Tamiya mix chart for as many colors as possible.

It’s realized

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So how does it work and how to download?