Model pillars and columns

Is there a source for plaster/hydrocal pillars/columns in any scale from 1/48 - 54 mm? Even just molds for casting your own? Plaster is much easier to damage and chip than either plastic or resin.
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Look at the plastic ones for wedding cakes. Many different sizes and styles.

A few examples:

Find what you like, make your own mold, and cast away!


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I already got plenty of cake pillars from Michael’s, and like I said, they don’t damage like plaster/hydrocal. I’ve bought RTV mold-making kits and they’re just not cost-effective for making one mold.
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you beat me to mate, i was gonna suggest wedding cake supports lol

I found these on Etsy:

Pretty much what I’m looking for. It’s an open mold, but since it’s symmetrical two halves can be glued/plastered together.
There’s this one, too:

Nicer looking, but the mold looks like one piece and it’s not clear how to remove the casting without breaking it.

Mold release agent, or use baking soda. You would be amazed how much you can flex rubber molds to pop out the castngs.

For the top one you can cut indexing marks into the two halves and squash cast the column all in one go. Or you cut pour openings into the bottom, and use two halves thatg way to cast a single piece. A pressure pot (I made mine from a paint spraying can) will eliminate bubbles, but if you do get any that can always be where you inflict damage to the casting.

This is one of RTV molds I made for Hescos. They have quite a bit of surface detail yet they pop out quite easily.

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Yes, I’ve made several of my own molds from RTV or silicon, and it gets expensive! I’d much rather buy a $10 - $20 mold; and it’s only for an occasional casting.
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Ah, I completely understand. But there may be others out there, looking for exactly what you have. I’ve sold quite a few of these Hescos and also rubber 500 gallon fuel bladders. I like to think that mine are better than what you can find anywhere else because I hollow cast everything. Apply a little bit of heat to either the fuel bladders, or the Hescos and you can easily put dents in them, or completely collapse, the fuel bladders.

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I ordered and received this mold:

…and have made a few plaster/hydrocal castings. Pretty tricky (actually quite a fight) to get the castings out intact; the first one broke. But irrelevant as I can use any broken castings as ruins.
Maybe I’ll order the other mold, too, just for a variation, and the castings will be much easier to remove.
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