Model Shipwrights archive in progress

The archive has been running for 12 hours now and something like 87,000 files later it’s still going.

Suffice to say if you post any topics on MSW during this time they WILL NOT be saved.


Hmm… well that first one finished in about 16 hours. There unfortunately was a configuration issue of my own making so I had to re-do it. This one…

Not going as fast. :frowning:

I am really wondering how long the Armorama archive is going to run for now. :open_mouth:

Did you lock down the forum first?

Kinda. The reply buttons are all gone unless you are viewing one of those forums from another site. Didn’t want people thinking they could reply to topics in the archive, etc. I know what you are getting at though. If there are updates it may stay in a loop, etc. It didn’t do that the first time out though.

Could be worth considering when you get to Armorama …more activity over there …
Even if it doesn’t cause any looping it could result in content not getting archived.