Model Show in Thionville/France 21./22. Oct. 2023

On the weekend 21./22. October 2023 the MCT Maquette Club Thionvillois held their first “After Covid Model Show” at the Espace Multifonctionnel in Thionville (France) which I also attended with some mates from my club PMC Kurpfalz as an exhibitor. Modellers from France, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Germany happily together under one roof. Everywhere was laughter and a heartly welcome. As I know quite a few of the guys from sereval clubs there was of course also a lot of chatting for me during the 2 days. Time just flew away … :slightly_smiling_face:

Sunday morning before the doors opened for the public …

My new Aeronavale Corsair was one of only two in the hall and of some interest. This is my table. All models arrived home undamaged yesterday evening after a 3 1/2 hours drive …

I have made nearly 300 photos and would like to show you a variety of them in the next days. Just give me some time to sort them out. There was something to see for nearly everybody. From armor, military and civilian aircraft, trucks, racing and muscle cars to fantastic figures. It was so much that I sure missed something out and in the end the batteries of my camera quit … :smile:

Happy modelling everybody!


Thionville 1

This was a very lively scene of fighting knights :+1:

Have already seen Eggplanes and Eggtanks but never before an Eggsubmarine … :smile:

To be continued … :slightly_smiling_face:


Some nice builds there Torsten. Thanks for starting the thread on this and showing us.

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Thanks for your feedback, John! It’s a pleasure … :slightly_smiling_face:

Thionville 2

Like some Steampunk? Base is a 109 from Eduard, the rest is from the spare box and scratch … :+1:

There was a french guy (okay, old grey man …) who had these incredible ships on display :open_mouth: There’s no kit for it, he made everything scratch from photos he had in books and the internet. Sunday he showed us a video of his “museum”. The whole basement of his house is full of ships like these. He lives right in the middle of nowhere … :smile:

As I said in my first post there were some fantastic figures to see. I really envy people who can paint like this. There are more to come later …

To be continued … :slightly_smiling_face:


Beautiful sailing ships on display there! Thanks for posting these Torsten.

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Thanks Karl! Yes, these ships were amazing. Just remember that he had only plans, paintings or photos of them. Everything is self made.

Thionville 3

The builder of this truck is a Scania Fan. He had his table full of only Scania trucks and one was more beautiful than the other. He showed me especially this one and as far as I understood him the decals were difficult to apply. Bah, I don’t believe him … :wink: :smile: See the photo of the original truck in the background! I will show more of his Scania trucks later.

And some more of these fantastic figures … :+1:

To be continued … :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing your photos so far :beer: I’ll be back in here to look at more

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Thanks KSO! You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thionville 4

a bit more peaceful …

2 french legends:
Citroën Mehari and Louis de Funès as “Cruchot” in “Le Gendarme de Saint Tropez” … :hugs:

The figure has not much in common with the real legend though …

… and a Renault R4

To be continued … :slightly_smiling_face:


An amazing array of models, Torsten :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought the Walrus was particularly eye catching :blush:

Thankyou for sharing :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks for your comment, Russell! Thionville was maybe the best of the 5 model shows I’ve been to this year. It was so much to see here that it was nearly sensory overload, I tried to see as much as possible but I still missed some out or at least, I didn’t take a photo of them. For me especially eyecatching were these amazing figues and three WW1 dioramas I will show later.

Thionville 5


more figures … :+1:

still have a few … :slightly_smiling_face:


Thionville 6

In about 2 weeks we have the 11. November. In France and Belgium the memory of the First World War is still big, both countries have a Rememberance Day where life stands still. Not so in Germany, we have a normal working day. On the 11.11. starts carnival, that’s what the people here think about the date. WW1 is widely forgotten in Germany.

As I said before, there were three dioramas which were eyecatching for me and I want to show them. All dioramas are 1/35, the Fokker Dr.I is probably 1/32 …

Diorama 1

Diorama 2

Diorama 3, the hell of Verdun …

and fitting well to this blog (1/35) …

these tanks are 1/72 from my club …

still have a bit … :slightly_smiling_face:


Thionville 7

I think this are my last photos of figures, have to check …

Still have a few but I’m slowly running out of photos now. But I should get another 20 …