Modeling the IDF M48 “Pereh” Missile Carrier

In the long lineage of Israeli armor; we’ve seen the incredible ingenuity put into the design and fielding of modified tanks and armored vehicles in the Israeli Defense Forces. From the M51 Shermans and Sho’t Kal Centurion during the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars, to the wide usage of the venerable M48 Patton and its successor, the M60.

The Magach series of tanks has been the backbone of Israeli Armored Forces until it was replaced by the Merkava series of tanks.

Magach 3 (based on the M48 Patton).

Magach 7C (based on the M60).

I can sit here talking about the myriad of variants that came out; but one version in particular that’s peaked my interest and curiosity has been the “Pereh” (Wild) missile Carrier; a vehicle shrouded in mystery until very recently.

Leave it to the Israelis to create a one of a kind missile launcher and disguise it as a run of the mill Magach 3.

Now; the vehicle caught my attention and I’ve been curious to see if I could try to make a 1/35 model of it.

Funding the correct Magach variant would not be hard. Let’s start with the Dragon Magach 3 with ERA.


It already has many of the modifications you would expect for tre vehicle, so building the lower portion is pretty straightforward.

Now, here’s were we go into the weeds… the turret is heavily modified in order to fit the launching system for the Spike NLOS missile, plus because the vehicle was just recently declassified; not a lot is known about the system and how it operates; the only thing available is images of the vehicle, but nothing in detail.

So; flying blind into custom building the turret will be a formidable challenge. But it will also be a great topic of discussion among our esteemed modeling friends from Israel.

So why not pull up a chair and discuss this unique vehicle?


Great subject Reynier- best of luck with the build!


Great topic Reynier, will be following this one! The Pereh was one of IDF’s closely kept secrets for over 30 years. It was declassified in 2015 finally retiring in 2017. The system was operated by the 427th Battalion (‘Meitar’) of the Artillery Corps tasked with long-range anti-tank duties.


Great subject, want be following this one with great interest, so I have pulled up a chair, opened a beer and grabbed some food… you may start :grin:


The Magach 3 kit from Dragon does not provide you with the hull you need for the Pereh. You need a M48A3 mod B hull with the reinforced front fenders and the reinforcing ribs on the rear hull doors. You also need new transmission covers and Merkava sprockets and tracks. The side skirts are similar to the Magach 7A . The wheels have re-infrorcing/shock absorbing rings on the interior so you also need new wheels.

It is pretty ironic but the most usable part from that Dragon piece of :poop: of a kit is the 105mm barrel because it is more like the gimmicky barrel of the real thing than a proper 105mm gun.

The turret is a completely new construction, it has nothing in common with the M48 turret. The front is “square” to make room for the 2 man crew and the ERA is what makes it look rounded.





This is a very cool subject, but it looks like a lot of parts sourcing and scratchbuilding Reynier! I hope you find the right stuff. I’ll be following this one for sure.

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Scratchbuilt 1/35th scale model


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Ouch! Looks like somebody already did a Pereh.

Well. I figured that the Dragon had all I needed for the lower hull, but I was wrong.

So! Lower Hull from Takom M48A3 Mod B; I can definitely source the hull from “beaddreamsllc” on eBay.

Fenders could be copied from the Academy 6B Gal Batash, same with the tracks and sprockets, wonder if the road wheels would work? Then there’s the ERA blocks…

Kitbashing like this will take lots of time and effort. Talk about opening up a can of worms.


You know the rule: just when you start kitbashing/scratchbuilding, one of the major manufacturers announces a 1/35 Pereh…


That’s the general rule indeed. I hope Meng or Takom will be up to the job. Lol.

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I do not think Takom will do IDF vehicles. Maybe a Magach 3 sometime in the future but nothing “exotic” like the Pereh or Magach 7C…


As that leaves Meng. They already have put out several Magach variants. Oh well.

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Will you be making a model with the rocket section raised or lowered into the turret?

And could you please please hurry up with building it so Meng can bring it onto the market for the rest of us? :rofl:



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So; let’s assume that I decide to go for it and start harvesting parts. The hull is clearly M48…

Let’s start with Takom’s M483 Mod B hull…

The transmission housing is different… Like “Magach 6” kind of? So, rear drive sprocket and transmission housings from, say… the Meng Magach 6B Gal…

Does the engine cover remain the same?

Also, which type of roadwheels would work?

Obviously it’ll need Merkava tracks; then it’s on to the fenders and all the stuff that goes with it.

Again, all hypothetical.

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Indeed. The base vehicle was the Magach 5 (M48A5).