ModelPalooza Orlando Show

Went to the ModelPalooza IPMS Orlando Show this weekend. It was a good show. A good selection of models on display and a bunch of vendors. I got a few new kits at good prices. I also had a few models win awards.

1/32 UH-34D conversion - Silver

M109A7 Paladin - Bronze

“The Green Zone” Diorama - Bronze

It was a fun weekend and I saw a few old friends as well.


Congrats. :+1: :+1:

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Very nice concept on “The Green Zone.” Congrats.

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Thanks guys.

I built “The Green Zone” dio quite a few years ago using the Trumpeter PMC in Iraq: VIP Security Guards figures and a die-cast 1/34 Escalade changed into an armored Suburban. I had never entered it into a show and was surprised when it won.

Here is the step-by-step.

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Glad it went well and on the awards. Nice to see the UH-34D again and that it was placed. :+1:

Thanks Johnnie.

Congrats on the awards and very nice builds! On the M109A7, is that a conversion, or a complete kit of that subject?

Thanks Stik. It was a good weekend.

The M109A7 is a full kit by Panda. Panda is now out of business (ground side of Kitty Hawk). The kits can still be found on eBay though.

I did a build review of it at the old Armorama:

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Thanks for the heads up on the Panda A7 kit Gino.

Gino, good job on the contest, nice to meet you Saturday and thanks for the kit.

Congrats and Grady job Gino!

Thanks gents.

Great job I meant lol