Modern British Soldiers 1/72 scale

I am looking for decent modern British Army figures in 1/72 scale.
Although I have white-metal items from Friendship Models, and a
vinyl (polythene) set from Revell, these are not equipped with the
current Osprey armour or latest-pattern helmet.
What I need is a couple of standing figures (not combat action poses),
that would be appropriate for manning a vehicle checkpoint in Afghanistan
(similar to the ones in the attached image).



Not that it’s any help but osprey is not the current body armour system…osprey ran unit 2015/16 currently it’s virtus

Paul, have a look at Plastic Soldier Review (below); you can then perhaps devise figures for whatever it is you want. Don’t just focus on what’s available Brit-wise but look at others perhaps. PVA glue will “harden” off polyethene figures and minor conversions are easy enough these days with Superglue and mediums like Mr Dissolved Putty.

Plastic Soldier Review - Home

Good luck!

(I sometimes can’t help but recall this scene for The Great Escape when I use that remark):

"ggod luck clip from the great escape - Google Search

Perhaps I should change such a sentiment?


Thanks for that correction … I hadn’t heard of ‘Virtus’, and wrongly assumed the current name was ‘Osprey 4’.


Yes, I am looking at conversion possiblities … just a case of finding a suitable base figure.
1/35-scale fans are blessed with a whole host of subjects, while we Braille Scalers have to
search that bit further for what we want. Certainly a challenge, but that’s what makes it so
much fun!!