Modern colors and Tamiya paints

Doing some research for light and dark ghost greys for the SC ANG AH-64A. I found the following on the net, forget where or timeframe of the post.
XF-19 for light ghost gray and XF-53 for Dark Ghost Gray. With the new colors they have released over the years, does this still work or is there better colors to use in the Tamiya line? I do have a bunch of grey Vallejos but haven’t done any research yet to ask a pointed question but welcome any help.


Hataka is my preferred poison these days. AK Interactive, MIG, Vallejo, Lifecolor … My experience/ knowledge with Tamiya is their paints are kinda/ sorta the color. An XF color might be close to an FS color, but usable as an RAL color, and a near match to a BSC color… all from1 bottle.

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@Tank_1812 ,
Tamiya make a Dark and Light Ghost Gray in their LP line of paints. I don’t know how accurate they are though.

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I use a great ap to look at the called out color against the colors I have. It has about every hobby paint line in it along with FS , RAL, and RLM colors. I really like the ap.

Hobby Color Converter is the name, I got it through the Google Play Store. Not affiliated in any way, just a very happy user.

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