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Eureka XXL has several 1/35 scale road building concrete panels in the company catalogue. This review covers the Modern Concrete Road Panels (Perforated) (E-018).

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Hah! For once I appear to be ahead of the game folks! I’ve had these for a couple of years; I would recommend them as they’re spot on for those dismal tracks built along the Inner German Border - perfect in fact. See here:

and here, with a Robur truck in attendance:

and here, the Eureka ones in use:

This particular project was close to fruition, but I then realized that the spacing was just too compressed for what I wanted to convey, so I’m looking at revising it along these lines:

I’m just waiting for a few extra Berlin Wall panels.

Anyway, as Mario identifies, very useful, although to be honest I immediately tie them in automatically with the IGB - but then - I would!

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Thank you Boots! Good to see these panels in action…


I saw something like this on the Czech/West German border way back when.