Modern Day Tank Antenna Question

Now this could be a silly question, but bear with me…

All modern day vehicle whip antennas have some sort of a spring in them, so the antennas are flexible. When the vehicle is on a horizontal surface, the antenna points straight up. That much is clear. But what happens when the vehicle is on a slanted surface? Parked up the hill? Does the antenna still points straight up or is it somehow locked, perpendicular to the vehicle?

Don’t know if I explained this right… :neutral_face:


The point of the antenna spring is so it will bend when it strikes something and not break. The spring on the antenna base is very stiff and keeps it perpendicular to the vehicle. It really only bends when it strikes something or is physically pulled down.

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Exactly what I wanted to hear. I tried finding some photos, but probably entered wrong sesrch terms over and over again…

Thanks Gino.


For most antennas the spring is at the base or matching unit not in the antenna. The antenna itself doesn’t flex much. It will stay perpendicular to the top of the vehicle on a slope. When the vehicle is moving, they will swing back and forth a bit.
Note the slight bow in the antenna but the matching unit spring bent over.


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Thanks Rick, I like that Abrams photo. Exactly what I wanted to find.


Any further details on that Abrams photo by chance ? Those antennas & mounts look to be non standard.