Modern German tanker helmet

Hey guys, Im working on the 1/16 commander figure that comes in my Wiesel kit and thought his helmet probably has some intercom wires, ect. on it but I cant find any photos of it.

Any help would be appreciated!

Have a look at this link to see some good photos

BW AFV headgear

Thanks Carlos! Really helpful pics.
I will post a pic when I finish adding them.

The second pic shows a different helmet. It´s the new AFV Crew helmet thats similar to US CVC helmet.

I have smacked my head enough to appreciate a CVC “Helmet” over a soft cap like a beret.

Here some close-ups of the new “helmet”.

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Cool pics!

Any idea and good reference pics for painting the camo? The figure also has some sort of flack vest (?) on him, would that be the camo as well?

Hi Panzer

I’m going to grab the 20mm gun version, and was wondering whether you had any insight into the construction of this one to offer? Pitfalls I may avoid, that sort of thing.


Hi Newtonk
This might be of interest - 1/16 RC Wiesel 1A1 TOW - Armored Weapon Carrier - Build - RC Tank Warfare -


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Kapai, e hoa

Do you have a photo of the hard shell that should go with it?

Hi Greg, has a couple of pics of the new helmet.

Very similar to the current US one.