Modern military tactics

Just a thought.

We see, via the media, that there is a 64k long convoy ‘stuck’ in the Ukraine. Has nobody studied history?

The Germans found out the hard way that getting too far ahead of your supply chain would cause pain. Yet it appears the same has happened in the Ukraine.
Given that there is a 64k long convoy wouldn’t the knock out tactic to be to hit the first and last vehicles and effectively neutralize the convoy?

The tank ace Michael Whittmann was done by a single Firefly. Knock out the first and the last then pop off the ones in the middle.

So what has changed?

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When you go into a War, sorry, a peace keeping operation, where you have planned (yes we all know what is said about plans) to drive straight to the destination, dismount the vehicles, be greeted with flowers, beer and sandwiches by the happy liberated population and then check into pre-arranged accomodation with food, beverages and cosy beds.
In such a planning scenario There Will Be No Need for a lot of logistics planning.

The old Soviet logistics tactic was to run a unit straight ahead until their supplies are exhausted,
let them hold ground and channel the follow up units through the first wave. When the front has moved forward you resupply/rebuild the expended/exhausted unit.
Getting stalled on a road wasn’t part of the plan.
If someone had even suggested that planning for delays should be a part of the plan he might have been accused of defaitism (fancy word for being a miserable coward)


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I thought the same thing when I saw the convoy. Seem ripe for the picking from aircraft. My guess is that Russia has calculated that Ukraine doesn’t have the air power left to threaten the convoy

Odds are that the Ukrainians do not have the capability to do much about the huge convoy. They do not have the airpower, manned or unmanned, to pull off a 1991 Kuwait Highway of Death. And more than likely their tube and rocket artillery are not in range.

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